A connected touch-screen tablet for patients and medical staff

A connected touch-screen tablet for every bed, allowing

For patients :

  • Access to general hospital information, registration forms and other administrative documents, patient records, satisfaction surveys etc, online, as well as health care advice (eg diabetes, high blood pressure, etc) and user guides for medical equipment and health aids
  • Access to TV, radio, online news media, audio-books, online games, etc
  • Internet connection for communication with families, friends, business associates through SKYPE, social media, emails and texts, photo exchanges)

For Medical and nursing staff :

  • Staff to check medical records in real time and have bed-side access to tele-medical web-sites
  • Bed-side access for nursing staff to patients’ medical history and treatments
  • Entry on-the-spot by doctors of care and treatments to be administered and instant updating of patient records
  • Remote consultation with specialists, avoiding tiring journeys for patients.
  • Remote access to the system for GPs following their patients’ progress.


Budget : 6000 euros per unit