Key messages


Shelagh LESTER-SMITH, Presidente of the Fund


” The creation of the Fund «Pour le Pays d’Apt, un hôpital d’avenir» is a response to the clear need to equip the region with a hospital providing a level of comfort and equipment that
conforms to the image of the Luberon. Through this well-deserved project we will be able to improve the quality of life for all of us living in the Pays d’Apt and make the hospital a key asset in the attractiveness of our region.
In order to raise the maximum amount possible for the hospital we are aiming our activities at the entire population of the the Pays d’Apt. It is important that companies and businesses, key players in the life of the region and necessarily concerned with the subject of health, become full partners of the Fund and join us in our activities.
To give the Pays d’Apt a hospital for the future we need more than ever the financial support and engagement of all players in the region. My thanks to all our donors for their generosity.”


Danielle FREGOSI

Danielle Fregosi, Director of the Hospital adds :

Danielle Fregosi« The Hospital is about to enter a new phase of its existence which will be vital for its future. Our goal is to achieve a successful re-furbishment of the short-stay building so that it can offer both patient comfort and an effective working environment for the doctors and nurses.  With everyone’s contribution, our local Hospital will offer warmth and soul, that will make it valued by all in the area. »