Get your business involved

Become a partner of the Fund

Participating as a company:

  • Enhances your image and identity as a corporate citizen in the eyes of your customers and partners
  • Involves your employees in a worthwhile, local initiative
  • Increases the attractiveness of your business as an employer
  • Confirms your on-going social commitment by supporting an activity involving all your employees
  • Supports a worthwhile project whilst also reflecting the values of your enterprise and providing financial benefits (tax relief on donations)
  • Develops deeper relationships in your economic, social and cultural networks by participating in activities organised by the Fund
  • Allows you to benefit from a reduction in tax equal to 60% of your donations, up to a limit of 0.5% of your annual turnover

In addition, you will play an important part both in the social and economic development of the area and in enhancing its reputation and attractiveness.

Delta Plus, a company established in 1977 by Apt-born Jacques Benoit, specialises in equipment for the protection and safety of workers (clothing, shoes, gloves, helmets, etc). Today it has become a global player in its sector.

The company is naturally aligned with the objectives of the Fund. As a founder member and benefactor of the Fund, Delta Plus wishes to demonstrate its strong attachment to the Pays d’Apt and the quality of care given in its hospital, from which its partners and visitors (French and foreign) can and will benefit.

Jérôme BENOIT, Président Directeur Général de Delta Plus


Join the circle of benefactors and partners: a group whose role is to bring together all the socio-economic players in the region who wish to share our values and participate in our activities for the hospital.

Becoming a partner

Make a donation

Support our cause by making an on-line donation. You will receive a tax receipt by e-mail.

Organise a supporting activity

Organise a sporting event or a collection among your employees to make them aware of the Fund’s activities and engage them in a common project. The company could match the amount collected from its employees.

Propose profit-sharing of a product or service

You can support the Fund by donating a portion of the sale price of products or services you sell. This can boost both your sales and your image.

Help us to recruit new donors

By circulating our information and donor appeals among your network (clients, suppliers, subscribers, etc) you can make them aware of our activities and encourage them to become donors. This also helps us to expand our visibility and resources without requiring significant cost on your part.

Allow the Fund to benefit from your loyalty programmes

On either a regular or occasional basis you can propose to the members of your loyalty scheme to convert all or a part of their accumulated points into a donation to the Fund.

Innovate with micro-donations: a support programme available to all companies and businesses:

Propose rounding up the purchase receipts of your clients

Clients can be offered the option of rounding-up their check-out bill to the next euro. The difference between the rounded-up amount and the cost of their purchases can then be passed to the Fund. You can also choose to boost this amount yourself.

Propose a donation direct from the salary of your employees

Your employees can give a regular donation to the Fund by allowing a small amount each month to be deducted from their salary and given directly to the Fund. You can match the amount they want to give (eg: 1€ given by the employee is matched by 1€ from the company, the total being for the benefit of the Fund).

Propose your own partnership project

Whatever the size of your organisation and the means at your disposal, your support is essential to enable us to fulfil our mission. We would be happy to work with you to create the relationship that suits you.


For more information, contact us.

Tax benefits

60% of your contribution as benefactor is deductible from your company’s tax bill up to the limit of 0.5% of your turnover in each financial year (Art.238 of C.G.I). If the 0.5% limit is exceeded the excess can be carried forward for up to five (5) years following the donation.

In this way, supporting the Fund with eg 5,000€ costs you only 2,000€ after tax deduction.