Legacies, donations, life assurance

Legacies, donations, life assurance – you can help us in several ways

The Fund is set up to receive gifts, legacies and donations in different forms which can be used to modernise a hospital building, acquire up-to-date equipment, or finance a medical research activity or cultural event at the hospital.

In every case, all projects supported through your donations will benefit directly the care of patients at the hospital.


A legacy is a generous gesture given through a person’s will. You can designate ‘le Fonds “Pour le Pays d’Apt, un hôpital d’avenir’’ as the beneficiary of all or part of your estate, depending on your family situation and the portion available for distribution. There is no minimum amount required for a legacy. It takes effect on succession of your estate and is exempt from the laws on transfer and succession.


The Fund can receive donations in all forms of fixed and non-fixed assets (property, shares, furniture, etc)

The donations are made via a notarial act and are exempt from the laws on transfer.

Temporary donation of user rights

This is an ideal solution for combining generosity, tax optimisation and transfer of your assets to those you wish to inherit.

This formula allows you to give, temporarily (for a minimum of 5 years), the rights to benefit from the use of an asset.

It consists of:

  • donating the revenue from an asset
  • remaining the legal owner of the asset during the period of donation
  • removing the asset from the calculation of French wealth tax
  • recovering the asset in its entirety at the end of the donation period

Life Assurance

You can designate the Fund as beneficiary, in whole or in part, of a life-assurance policy, whilst retaining access to the value thereof in case of need. You can also modify at any time the beneficiaries of the policy. The amount designated for the hospital is exempt from the laws on succession.

Tax implications: donations exempted from laws on transfer

Legacies, donations and life-assurance policies are all exempt from the laws on transfer.

For more information on these options, contact us by phone on 06 56 81 56 89 or by email