Our organisation

The Main Committee

«A Hospital of the Future for the Apt Region» Fund is governed by the laws on modernization of the economy (Official Journal of 5 August, 2008) and is managed by a core committee, charged with running the Fund effectively and ensuring proper use of the contributions it raises.

It is made up of  :

  • Ms. Salima BENAMOR, presidente, Apt
  • Maître Pascale PRIVOT, treasurer, Apt
  • Madame Shelagh LESTER-SMITH, secretary, Rustrel
  • Ms. Béatrice PAUMIER-LALLEMAND, member, La Bastidonne
  • Mr. Peter BACKHOUSE, member, Saint Pantaléon
  • Mr. Ludovic GOSSEIN, member, Apt
  • Mr. Michel CARLONI, representative of Delta Plus Company, Apt

Information regarding management of the funds raised can be consulted on the website under the heading «Documents».


The Apt Hospital became part of my life in 2014 when the Therapeutique Garden at ‘Les Trois Cypres’ was inaugurated.  I donated to this Garden in memory of my husband who was a patient at the Hospital in 2013.  When I was invited to become a founder member of the Donation Fund for the Apt Hospital, I accepted without hesitation.  This dynamic and visionary project of benefit to Luberon residents of all ages, will enable the best possible care for patients, for hospital staff, and in particular for its excellent medical team.

Janet RENSHAW, Committee member and founder member of the « A Hospital of the Future for the Apt Region » Fund

Campaign Committee

The role of this committee is to contribute to the fund-raising campaign and to help meet its stated goals.

It is composed of members of the main committee, the operations committee, senior hospital staff and local contacts

Its members propose prospective donors, fund-raising projects and support the fund in the implementation of its strategy.

It provides the link for all those involved in the fund.

Operations Committeel

Its purpose is to develop fund-raising activities and to organize the technical, financial and human resources needed.  This group, made up of local and expatriate members, is invaluable thanks to the members who devote time and energy to raising funds for the campaign :

  • Monsieur Claude AGNEL – Apt
  • Madame Paule DAPRES – Saint Pantaléon
  • Monsieur Marc DUMAS – Apt
  • Monsieur Christopher GIBBS – Villars
  • Monsieur Greg HENLEY-PRICE – Lacoste
  • Madame Angel McRAE – Saignon
  • Madame Sarah MORGAN – Saint Saturnin les Apt
  • Ms. Brigitte OBELS – Roussillon
  • Ms. Janet RENSAHW – Lacoste
  • Monsieur Jason SPENCER-COOKE – Saint Saturnin les Apt

I’m happy to make my modest contribution to the development and humanisation of all the services in the hospital which cure and care for local people. Perhaps tomorrow’s hospitals will call themselves « Health Hotels » ?…

Marc DUMAS, former president and one of the founders of the ‘Alps of Light’ publishing house, teacher and writer in Provençal and French – Apt


I have had a house in Apt for 20 years and now live with my husband year -in Rustrel ; the decision to live here permanently was an easy one to make  after many years of international working life. I am pleased and indeed proud to be involved in a project which will result in a modern hospital, offering a wide range of services to people in the Luberon. All of us, locals and expatriates, will benefit.



As a resident in the Luberon for many years now, it is essential for my family and me to know that there are professional emergency and short term care facilities close at hand. The fundraising programme for Apt hospital therefore has our wholehearted support.

Peter BACKHOUSE – Saint Pantaléon

Community Connections

These are the representatives of the Fund in the 25 communes surrounding Apt.  They form the link between local groups and associations, trades people, the population at large and the Fund management team.

Getting involved to improve the life of patients in our local hospital seems to me to be both essential and important. Living in Bonnieux one gets a strong sense of the historic and cultural ties of the village, and it seemed only normal to serve as the local link to the Campaign. The hospital Fund demonstrates that the efforts of individuals and the private sector can be a real boost to a cause, and I hope itwill be a resounding success.

Frédérique CARBONNEL DI MARCO, Bonnieux Link