What is the fonds de dotation « Pour le Pays d’Apt, un hôpital d’avenir » ?

It is a private, non-profit making Fund established by local and international residents of the Pays d’Apt and by local companies. The Fund is legally and structurally independent of the hospital and is designed to receive donations, legacies and contributions of all kinds; to ensure proper administration of funds and compliance; and to respect the intentions of donors. It undertakes that the funds donated will be used in a financially transparent fashion.

Why support the Centre Hospitalier du Pays d’Apt?

The hospital is remarkable in a number of respects :

  • Its patient treatment numbers grew by more than 48% between 2010 and 2015
  • In 2016 it was certified for the fourth time by the Haute Autorité en Santé (the principal French state health authority) in recognition of the quality of its personnel at every level
  • 92% of patients questioned during the latest post-hospitalisation survey declared themselves satisfied or very satisfied with the service they received at the hospital
  • 98% of medical and non-medical posts are catered for

  • In recognition of the excellence of its results and the quality and safety of its care, the State granted the hospital an exceptional grant of 50,000€ in 2014 and 60,000€ in 2015
  • The hospital has balanced its budget since 2011

To become even more successful, the hospital needs you.

You can help it to pursue its mission for patients by making a donation to the Fund “Pour le Pays d’Apt, un hôpital d’avenir”.

Why we need your support?

Since 2008, all public hospitals in France have been increasingly self-financing. Due to the need to manage public expenditure the State has reduced considerably its investments and grants. Of the 10€ million invested by the hospital over the last ten years, 89% has been financed by the hospital itself and only 11% through State subvention.

By combining the support of benefactors with its own investment budget the hospital will be able to improve more rapidly and to a much higher level, the quality of care offered, while preserving the necessary financial discipline. By donating, you will be investing in the future quality of service in your area.

How will my donation be used?

The Fund’s objective is to manage the moneys received and use them to:

  • purchase and install fixed and moveable equipment
  • create cultural events for the benefit of in-patients and safeguard cultural heritage
  • support clinical research

As a result of this private, independent structure, dedicated to financing strategic projects, everyone, whether a private individual or a business, can make a lasting contribution to the attractiveness of our region and the future of the hospital in its mission to provide a quality local public service.

I already pay taxes so why should I donate?

Your income tax is a national, not a local tax. Giving to the hospital enables you, via a generous tax deduction, to use your income tax for a local cause which concerns you and your family directly.

Who can contribute?

Private individuals, businesses, associations or other foundations can, each in their own way, support the Fund and the hospital projects.

Is my donation deductible for tax?

If you are a private individual your donation reduces your tax by 66% of the amount contributed up to a limit of 20% of your taxable income.


After reduction of your income tax,

a donation of : costs you :
100 € 34 €
500 € 170 €
1 000 € 340 €
3 000 € 1 020 €

You want to reduce your income tax by

You give
1 000 € 1 515 €
2 000 € 3 030 €
 3 000 € 4 545 €

If you are a company, a business or self-employed: your donation reduces your tax by 60% of the amount contributed, up to a limit of 0,5% of your gross revenue. If you exceed this limit the tax credit can be carried forward for the five (5) subsequent years..

A donation of : reduces your tax by :
100 € 60 €
500 € 300 €
1 000 € 600 €
3 000 € 1 800 €
You want to reduce your tax by : you give :
1 000 € 1 667 €
3 000 € 5 000 €
6 000 € 10 000 €

What guaranties do I have that my donation will be correctly used?

The Administrative Board of the Fund, presided over by Maître Ludovic Gossein, Notaire in Apt, manages the funds collected in a rigorous and transparent fashion and transfers them to the hospital as needed. It verifies the investments to be financed and transfers the money according to the level of funds available, thereby ensuring correct use of the funds for the projects for which you have donated.

In addition, the funds received and distributed are controlled and verified each year by a qualified accountant.

How would a legacy from me benefit the Fund?

Your legacy will be, first and foremost, a true mark of confidence in the hospital and its personnel. It will also demonstrate your concern to provide the best health care to future generations and your attachment to the future of the Pays d’Apt.

Is donating on-line truly secure?

A donation made on line goes through the securitised payment systems of either Crédit Agricole or Paypal, along with all bank account information necessary to make the payment. None of these details are retained in the Fund’s information systems. Thanks to the SSL encrypting system used to protect your bank details, you can be confident of the security of your transactions by internet. For your additional peace of mind, A URL that starts with https (vs http) gives access to a secured system.

What happens to my personal information?

Your personal details have been or will be registered on a central computer. The French Loi Informatique et Liberté of 6 January 1978 gives you the right to ask the Fund to suppress or modify your details if you so wish. We undertake never to pass your details to a third party, nor to sell or exchange files which might contain such information. We remain at your disposal to answer any concerns you may have on this subject
For any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us by e-mail : donateurs@apt-hopitaldavenir.fr