Our values

What we’re aiming for :

A welcoming Hospital

Our aim is to make the Hospital warm and welcoming, with everyone entering it greeted and treated with kindness, cordiality and concern.

A welcoming hospital is founded on :

  • improved well-being for patients on admission, and while under care, with more personalised attention to their needs
  • a friendlier, more comfortable place for patients’ families, offering support and the best possible environment (convenience, meeting spaces , signage, etc)
  • optimising facilities for staff, who give with no expectation of return and whose skills are recognised and sought after.


  • offering patients with modest financial means a hospital with high quality care and comfort within easy reach of where they live
  • maintaining steady employment for the 360 people who work at the hospital.
  • encouraging links between all those who will benefit from a high performance hospital close to home, whether young or old


  • The beating heart of our region is its history, its heritage, its landscapes and its vitality.  These contribute to our exceptional quality of life.  Above all however, the beating heart of our region is the men and women, who either grew up here or have adopted the Luberon and live, work and play here.
  • We have to offer the people who live here health care that meets their expectations.  We have to be ambitious in our goals to serve the current population and attract more people to live, work, innovate in the Luberon, including the doctors of tomorrow who will want to work at the Hospital.