New rooms

Twice as many single rooms   28 and 14 doubles and 2 for outpatients – a total of 44.


Completely re-configured rooms

  • More spacious : 21sqm for the singles and 28.5 for doubles
  • A bathroom in each, accessible for those handicapped or bedridden ;showers with a shower stool and a lifting device for those unable to sit unaided, a toilet and hand basin for each patient.
  • Professional interior design services engaged to give the rooms colour and make them attractive.
  • State-of-the-art bed-heads ; all the technology/medical connections, cables and plugs will be concealed behind a panel.
  • A lighting system with dimmer adapted for use by both patients and staff, built into the bed-head.
  • Remote-control operation of venetian blinds for the convenience of bed-ridden patients
  • Air conditioning in each room
  • Noise-reducing sliding panels in the double rooms for patient comfort and privacy during treatments.
  • A convertible arm-chair/bed for a family member in each single roomLit-accompagnant-3-en-1CLINIFIT
  • New armchairs for patients, adapted to their needs
  • A ceiling rail in double rooms with a harness to lift patients from bed to chair
  • A small coded safe in which patients can keep valuables
  • Improved sound-proofing, noise dampening and wall insulation

Budget : 6 000 € per room