This collaborative Fund named « A Hospital of the Future for the Apt Region » is an innovative financial initiative to support a project, of both local and broad interest.

The fund, established under private law, aims to support projects undertaken by the Apt Hospital, and in particular :

  • re-furbishment of buildings, fittings and furnishings
  • development of a cultural programme of activities for the benefit of patients that preserves and augments the local cultural capital
  • clinical research

The fund was launched in 2015 on the initiative of individual supporters, both native to the area and resident expatriates, and of companies.

Inspired by the idea of creating, a high degree of patient comfort and support, in partnership with the Hospital, and recognising the value of these improvements to the community, the founders contributed the core of the initial funding.

This charitable fund was set up to receive gifts of money and financial contributions raised through a programme of activities.

In this way each individual or company can link themselves on an on-going basis to the future of the Hospital and its mission to render valuable local public service.