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Good reasons to make a donation

By participating in the Fund you will be playing your part in this innovative project on behalf of the population and of the region, and contributing actively to the future of your hospital.

I want to donate to the Fund “Pour le Pays d’Apt, un hôpital d’avenir”:

  • To have a modern, efficient hospital nearby for my family and me
  • To have access to quality care in a state-of-the-art environment
  • To enable those of modest means to have access to quality care without having to travel far
  • To benefit both young and old, present and future generations, living in and around Apt
  • To maintain the attractiveness of the region for the people we want to settle here, in particular those with competences we lack such as medical staff for the hospital and individuals who can energise the local economy
  • To acknowledge the quality of reception and care received and the invaluable work done by the hospital personnel
  • Because I want to show visible support for the hospital
  • Because I’m proud to contribute to a project with a future
  • To direct part of my income tax to a local cause
  • To give extra incentive to the hospital and its personnel


We have owned a house near Apt for the last 15 years. Thirteen years ago I awoke with severe stomach pains but was due to travel abroad that day. We went straight to the hospital in Apt where I was promptly and efficiently examined, diagnosed with pleurisy) and given the necessary treatment. Twenty four hours later I was able to travel and a week later climb to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro!

It is essential to have a professional hospital structure nearby, not only for emergencies but also for longer-term health care.

That’s why I, like many others, support the Fund for modernisation of the hospital.

Greg HENLEY-PRICE – Lacoste


As a family we decided to contribute to the modernisation of Apt hospital. We support this local cause and the volunteers who are behind it because modernisation of a public health institution such as this one at the heart of our region, benefits every resident and their future.

Monsieur et Madame Sami Slim