First purchases of equipment through the fund 

Early in 2017 Apt hospital started a programme of reconstruction in the short-stay wing which will last three years.

The funding programme «  Pour le Pays d’Apt, un hôpital d’avenir «  collects complementary private money to support this renewal operation.The overall aim is to create a more comfortable and friendlier place for patients and their families and also provide an up-to-date working system for the hospital staff.

Thanks to the generosity of some 320 supporters, 360,000 euros have been collected and the fund  has been able to start equipping the new rooms – the first will come into service in April and the process will continue for two more years.During that time funds will continue to be raised to complete the project.

A more comfortable place

The hospital wants to offer a higher level of comfort for patients and is doubling the number of single rooms, each  with a bathroom suitable  alsofor handicapped persons.The rooms will all be air-coditioned and fitted with a computer terminal,.These will serve both for entertainment, communications and medical use.The Fund will also provide beds for accompanying family members and provide a family get-together room on every floor.

Getting more digital

The new computer terminals will serve both patients and medical staff ; the latter will have access to all the patient’s data, plus links  to specialist information regarding treatments.For the patient, they represent a multi-media link with the outside world.

The environmental impact

The hospital has been very aware of the need to achieve a positive environmental impact through the renewal work.Effective insulation of the building’s exterior is one point, the other is the use of solar panels to provide hot water and lower the fuel costs.

Social impact

Danielle Frégosi, the hospital director puts it thus : « this modernisation of the  short-stay wing offers the people of the Pays d’Apt a reception and treatment fully equivalent to a new-build hospital »

Making a donation

You can make your donation for this cause by :

  • a cheque made out to « Pour le Pays d’Apt, un hôpital d’avenir » and send it to Centre Hospitalier du Pays d’Apt, 225 avenue de Marseille- 84405 APT Cedex
  • card or with Paypal on the site


You will receive by return a tax certificate allowing you to claim a reduction of  66% of your gift for individuals – 60% for companies.


Contact : Florence Belmain – 06 88 70 20 93 –