“Le Do(s) Transfiguré” – Dance and music show for the Apt Hospital

Wednesday 25 July 2018 - from 21h30 to 23h00

Carrière de Lacoste Route des Carrières 84480 LACOSTE

“Le Do(s) Transfiguré” with Les Musicales du Luberon

«  Les Musicales du Luberon » want to make a contribution towards the fundraising for the hospital modernisation.They will put on a music and dance show on July 25 in the quarries at Lacoste and the proceeds will go to the hospital fund.

Agnès Letestu, lead dancer at the Opéra de Paris and Edna Stern have created this show, fruit of their close collaboration.They have achieved a complete symbiosis between music and dance, the piano becoming a dancer and the dancers becoming sounds, the whole enhanced by the play of light.They want to draw the spectators into a dream in which  body movement invades their perception of sounds.

Edna describes it thus :” It will be like a series of dreams, musical dreams and dance dreams following on and bringing us back to the pure magic of the dream.”

Agnès says : “It’s an ensemble which takes us into a universe in which both musical and choreographic elements change and this change leads us towards new visions.”

How does this musical transfiguration express itself ?

Edna : “It’s the Do note.Everything starts from this with a perfect harmony such as Bach’s Do minor and each composer draws on this for his own vision of his work.

Agnès : the Do transformed”


Music always comes back to this Do or evokes dance steps like the Bach Fantasy, the Ballade or the Nocturnes by Chopin, the Clair de Lune or the Cakewalk by Debussy.


Agnès Letestu – lead dancer

Edna Stern – Pianist

Rupert Pennefather – lead dancer

Tom Klefstadt – lighting

Choreography to the Works of Bach, Berio, Galuppi, Janacek, Chopin, Debussy

Choreographers : José Martinez, Bruno Bouché, Yvon Demol et Florent Mélac

Seat prices : from 30 to 50 euros


Florence Belmain – Campaign Director, 0688702093, http://www.apt-hopitaldavenir.fr

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